10 Little Known Facts about Termites

Termites are little creatures that appear harmless as if nothing is fascinating about them. However, termites are infamous for causing severe property damages and bringing a lot of trouble to the residents. They continuously munch on your precious wooden furniture doing irreversible damage.

Termites can survive in any location and they are found all across the globe. These pests are indeed hard workers as they don’t sleep their whole lives. Here we have mentioned a few intriguing facts about termites that can help you in keeping them away from your property.

1. Termites Are Among The Oldest Creatures On Earth!

Termites share a common ancestor with cockroaches. It’s estimated that termites have been roaming the earth since the time of dinosaurs. For better understanding, you should know that dinosaurs existed around 230 million years ago!

2. Some Termite Species Are Blind

Termites are found in dark and humid places. As they have been living in the dark for a long, the need of eye vision was not required. Therefore, a lot of termites species are blind. However, the queen and king termites are not blind as they are the protectors of the colonies.

Furthermore, blindness doesn’t mean they cannot protect themselves. Termites can sense danger through the vibrations and by using their antennas. If you come across termites living inside your house, make sure to get rid of them by availing of termite control services!

3. Termites Avoid Sun

Termites cannot withstand sunlight exposure. As they have been thriving in the dark for centuries, termites can even die when they are exposed to heat and sunlight. That’s why you never notice termites roaming around in the daylight.

These pests thrive at night and destroy your wooden items without you noticing their presence. Be quick at availing of termite treatment services from reputed professionals.

4. Baby Termites Eat Feces

The fact is pretty disgusting, but it is true. After being born, the baby termites require some bacteria inside them for surviving. For being a survivor, they eat each other feces and grow to be an adult. After growing up they need to provide feces for the survival of other baby termites. This process is a huge part of termites colony and their lifestyle.

5. There Are More Termites Than Humans

Surprisingly the weight of total termites on earth is more than the weight of the entire human population on earth. This can be understood with an explanation. A queen termite can lay over two thousand eggs every day. The average lifespan of a termite is around 15 years. During their lifespan, all they do is eat and lay eggs.

It can be clearly understood why the entire world faces termite infestation in some or another way. However, you don’t have to worry about their increasing population as you can rely on professionals for pest control services. Get your house inspected for termites and avail of annual termite control services from experts!

6. Termite Mounds Can Be Enormous

These nasty creatures create mud tunnels which are their hidden pathway. These mud tunnels connect termites’ nests to the source of food or wood. The nest of termites is called a mound. Most of the mounds are not large enough for humans to notice. The above-average size of the mound is around 12 inches.

However, a termite mound of height 42 feet was spotted in Africa which is by far the tallest nest made by pests. Upon noticing a mound in your backyard or garden, be quick at contacting expert pest controllers. Get rid of termites with professional termite control services.

7. Termite Queens and Kings Can Fly

Yes, king and queen termites can fly and cover a long distance.  The fresh reproductive termites can fly. They leave their nests in swarms when they are young to find a mate for termite reproduction. That is one prominent reason why queen and king termites have eye vision. They look for a new area to create a colony after they meet a spouse, and once they settle down and break their wings, they begin to breed.

Termites can easily fly to your property and infest it without you noticing them. Therefore, be cautious and get your property inspected for termites annually by expert pest controllers.

8. Termites Don’t Just Eat Wood

Most of the residents are sacred of termite infestation as they chew away their precious wooden timbers and furniture. However, wood isn’t the only thing termites eat. Termites can also eat plastic waste, wallpapers, and fabrics.

In other words, termites can eat your wooden wardrobe along with the fabric inside. Don’t put your belongings at risk. Get professional termite control services at affordable prices from a reputed pest control company.

9. Termites Destroy Billions of Dollars of Properties Every Year

Termites do irreversible damage to your wooden items. From wooden floorings to furniture and the basement, they can munch on anything. Houses made from wood remain at high risk.

Every year over $5-10 Billion worth of properties is destroyed by termites. It can be said that disasters such as cyclones and tornadoes do less damage than termites every year. Termites have existed for millions of years and have done a lot of damage worldwide. Therefore, it is best to keep them away from your property and premises. Avail pest control services and put an end to termite infestation.

10. Termites Produce Millions of Tons of Gases

Termites continuously chew and break down wood and other items they eat. This releases a significant amount of gas into the air. And, as the population of termites is much more than humans they end up releasing over 150 million tons of methane gas into the environment.

Final Words

These were a few unusual facts about termites. So, if you want to protect your belongings from unnecessary nuisance and property loss, be cautious and hire professional pest controllers for inspection and termite control services. Call us now at XXX to know more!


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