7 Questions to Ask Termite Inspector

Termites are sneaky critters that like to damage properties whilst staying concealed inside walls, inside holes and beneath floors. Termite controllers have the knowledge and expertise to eliminate termites in your house or company. 

  • Why did termites infiltrate my house?

Termites can begin nesting on a property for several reasons. They might have existed on the land when you bought it, or they could have come from a neighbouring property or contaminated objects or plants. A termite controller should be able to determine the source of the problem.

  • What lures termites?

Termites are drawn to cellulose materials, damp places, and portions of the estate (such as structures) closer to the soil. Every site is unique, and termites on your home might have come for various other causes. A termite checker will locate the breeding site and assist you in determining the underlying cause of the issue.

  • Are termites dangerous to human beings?

While termites can not transmit illnesses, their presence may cause allergic responses if they come into touch with you. They may also sting and bite. Because you may have family, relatives, and pets residing at your house and, employees working at your company, you must ask that the termites be treated as soon as possible to avoid any injury to humans or pets that live on the property.

  • Will termites go away naturally?

Termites are unlikely to go away naturally since they require food to survive. They will spawn more termites as they eat on your structure and gradually degrade it. Allow a termite controller to repair your house before the situation worsens.

  • Which substances are termite resistant? 

Depending on the situation of your property and the components used to create it, it is crucial asking your termite controller whether you might make any change to the structure to minimise the danger of termites.

  • Are supermarket products efficient and safe?

Termite controllers prefer commercial-grade machines and solutions because they are assured to produce long-term results. Supermarket solutions may give temporary comfort. However, bothersome pests like termites are likely to reproduce and feed in areas you failed to treat.

  • Can you provide me with termite treatment? 

Any of Melbourne’s Leading Pest Control companies will be able to treat any properties as long as they have the necessary instruments and materials. No home is too large or too little to treat.


As termites are difficult to find, specific thermal technology and competence are necessary to detect the termite colony and feeding area while avoiding making too many investigation drills in your home.

We are Melbourne’s Leading Pest Control Company. We have proven to meet our clients’ demands for effective and dependable termite control services. Because they are professionally trained and certified and have years of industry experience, our Pest Control Company in Melbourne is capable of finding termites in your property. Our pest controllers will make sure to eliminate all termites from your property! 


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