Controlling ants and termites

Termites and ants are two intrusive pests with enormous communities that send a never-ending stream of intruders into your house searching for food.

Once inside, ants damage your food and, in some cases, attack.

Termites may do significant structural damage to your property.

If you believe you have either an ant or a termite infestation, you must Contact Sydney’s Best Pest Control!

How to identify Ants and Termites Infestations?

  • Ants: 

Have you seen an ant track in your kitchen? Rather than rushing towards a solution, it is critical to assess the issue. You can determine the remedy you could use by the type of ant infesting your house, what they are feeding on, where they are entering, and the colony’s placement.

  • Termites: 

A termite outbreak is more difficult to detect since these pests enter your home via or near the foundation. Termites consume away the wood products from the inside out.

If you ignore the warning signs, it might take months or even years for you to discover the consequences.

Mud tubes surrounding your home’s foundations are one indicator of a termite infestation. Worker termites construct these pathways to provide them with safe access from the soil to your home’s hardwood.

You can contact Sydney’s Best Pest Control for a Termite Inspection by Experts. We can assist you in confirming the warning signals and taking appropriate action before it is too late.

Annual Termite Inspection by Experts might end up sparing you from unthinkable disasters.

Professional Ant Treatment:

To eliminate ants and termites in your house, you must first kill their nest and, most crucially, their queens.

Chemical treatments for ants includes bait treatments, in which workers transport toxin back to the colony, and nest applications, which reach the source directly.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control will determine the most efficient pesticide treatment for your property and the type of ants invading it. We will also assist you in rectifying the environment that drew the ants in the first place.

Professional Termite Treatment

There are two kinds of soil Treatments: 

  • Repellent: 
  1. Repellent termiticides operate by forming a poisonous boundary around a house to keep termites out.
  2. Repellent termiticides are typically used during the pre-construction period.
  • Non-repellent: 
  1. Termites are incapable of identifying that territory has been sprayed with non-repellent termiticide. Hence, termites do not escape the contaminated area.
  2. Non-repellent treatment comes with a 5-year guarantee from Sydney’s Best Pest Control. Conditions do apply and are dependent on the construction and design of the house.

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To avoid wasting large sums of money on termite infestation restoration, contact Sydney’s Best Pest Control. We will provide you with the quickest, most cost-effective, and comprehensive treatment available. 

Call us or send us an email to obtain a Termite Inspection by Experts.


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