Everything You Needs to Know About Fire Ants

Have fire ants invaded your place? These insects can be frustrating, and the burning sensation of their bite is unforgettably painful. They have got their name due to both their colour and brutal bites.

Identifying these ants can be challenging and may need assistance from pest removal experts in Australia. However, knowing a few facts about these insects can save you from their bites and damages to your property. These translucent reddish-brown ants are hardly 2-6 mm in size and can kill prey that is much bigger than their size.

Here are a few things worth knowing about these nasty pests to keep your premises safe:

  1. Are Fire Ants and Red Ants Same?

Red ants and fire ants belong to the same group of aggressive ants called Solenopsis Invicta. Fire ants are reddish-brown, whereas red ants are light brown. Plus, both these species use underground tunnels.

  1. Where Do Fire Ants Build Their Nests?

The fire ant nests are also known as ant mounds and they create these mounds by pushing up the soil as they go down the earth. The worker ants build several dome-shaped nests. You have to be cautious about their habitat in open areas such as lawns, parks, pastures, playgrounds and gardens.

  1. What Can Attract These Ants to Your Premises?

To force-stop the invasion of fire ants at your place, you should know the core reason for their presence. You can cut them off quickly if you know the reason behind their stay.

Cleanliness issues

Fire ants are always hunting for leftover food. So, if you have unwashed dishes in your sink, garbage outside the bin or greasy spills on your kitchen floors, then there will be a higher risk of pest infestation. Ensure you wash the dishes on time and keep your kitchen and other rooms clean to avoid fire ants or other pests.

Food Storage

These ants possess similar characteristics as other pests. They want to find food sources and take that food back to their nests or colonies. If your food is not sealed-packed, they will contaminate your food for sure.

Humid Places

The moisture acts as a water source for many tiny insects. Inspect the water pipes and if you have damaged faucets, repair them quickly.

You can keep your place clean, fill the holes in your walls and store the food safely to avoid fire ants. However, if they have invaded your property, hiring pest removal experts in Australia is the best way to control fire ant infestation. Once the professionals inspect your place, they will delve deeper to identify the root cause and work on it to provide you with a pest-free and hygienic place.

  1. How fire ants get into your place?

Fire ants are tiny insects that can crawl into your place by passing through small holes in the walls. Even the holes created for cables can create space for ants to get through. Install door sweeps and repair wall damages along with minor cracks.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants?

Fire ants are hard to control as their colonies are large and can extend to a great distance underground. Because of these hidden colonies, you may not identify the depth of the situation. Also, their nests have many queens, so if you successfully eliminate one part of their nests, they will move to another space and keep growing in numbers.

Here are a few home remedies you can try to get rid of fire ants:

  1. Lemon Water

Prepare a solution of lemon juice with water and spray it on a fire ant mound or entry point. You have to be careful while spaying the mixture as you want to avoid direct contact with ants.

  1. Dish Soap

Mix detergents with water and spray them on entry points. Detergents contain harmful chemicals that can cause dehydration in ants and break down the layers of their nests.

  1. Vinegar Mixture

You can also try a solution of vinegar, water and baking soda and spray it on an ant colony. The vinegar scent will annoy ants, and they may leave their nests in a few days or weeks.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

You can make the ant control solution at home with boiled water and cayenne peppers. Leave this mixture for 24 hours, and they spray it on ant habitats. Ants don’t like powdery chemicals. Thus, you can sprinkle the cayenne pepper around the nest and then pour the mixture for better and quick results.

Apart from these home remedies, there are a few popular ways to remove fire ants from your place. Some of them are mound drench products, baits and dust insecticides. In all these techniques, baits are the slowest when it comes to removing fire ants; it may take months for the desired result.

We understand that nobody can stand fire ants for months. Thus, by hiring professionals for fire ants removal pest control will remove the ants within a few hours or days. Hence, calling pest removal experts in Australia is the safest and quiet way to get rid of fire ants.

Professionals can handle these pests as they understand their behaviour. Their experience, tools and safe pesticides play the main role in eliminating these pests safely. Treating the entire yard and targeting each mound is not an easy task. But, with effective strategies and techniques, experts can remove all traces of fire ants from your premises. So, connect with local pest controllers and get rid of these pests without any danger to your health.

If you try to get rid of these ants by trying new home remedies, you may get stung. Believe us, a fire ant sting is the last thing anyone wants to experience. Removing fire ants can be nerve-racking without the help of experts. As they grow steadily and are aggressive pests, you should hire professional ants removal pest control to protect your family and home from fire ants and their dangerous bites.


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