How to Escape a Swarn of Stingers

  • Run! Run at first sight of violence! If a bee swoops down on you or you observe a swarm flying about you, it is a warning, and the sooner you move away, the less likely you will be stung.
  • Run in a straight line rather than a meandering path. We have learnt to run in a zigzag route while fleeing from something. When it comes to bees, however, this is very ineffective since the swarm may extend out horizontally and overwhelm you as you waste steps going side to side when they are already stretched out further than you can run. Running in a straight path is the most practical and safest way of escaping.
  • Do not dive into the water. Bees will wait for you to reappear before attacking. In one incident, a swarm of bees waited for a guy for many hours, striking whenever he emerged for air.
  • Seek refuge. Get indoors as quickly as possible, anywhere you can close a door – a house, a car, even a national park’s public bathroom. Even if a few buzzing bees follow you, fighting off one or two is considerably simpler than fighting off a swarm.
  • Turning off any artificial light inside can cause bees to hunt for natural light, causing them to migrate towards windows and tend to overlook you.

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