How to Keep Flies Away During the Summer ?

During the summertime, it appears like flies are all around and increasing by the second. When you think you’ve acquired them all, another one shows up, and it nearly feels endless! Trying to remove all of the flies out of your area might feel hopeless at times. You’re in luck since there are various methods for repelling and preventing flies from infiltrating the interior and outside of your home! Today, we’re going to show you four strategies to keep flies away throughout the summertime.

  • A Water Bag Should Be Suspended

It is an old-fashioned approach for deterring flies. By placing a bag of water in the place you want to keep them out of the most (typically an outdoor space), light reflects off the water in the bag and scares the flies away.

  • Flytraps 

A more apparent solution is to buy and utilise fly traps.  The purpose of fly traps is to attract flies and eventually capture them in the bait. Because the trap is so tempting to them, it’s best to place it as far away from where you don’t want the flies to be as possible. 

  • Citronella Candles 

They do not function to catch and destroy flies. However, they are efficient in driving them away due to the odour they emit. Citronella candles are only successful in deterring flies for as long as they are burning because the fragrance overwhelms and keeps the flies away.

  • Keep the Area Clean 

It is a strategy that should be practised over time. Flies are drawn to a wide range of odours. They’ll be around to take it all in, whether it’s pleasant or foul. To reduce the number of flies that may approach your home, keep the spaces in and around your residence clean!

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