How to Repel Ants from Your Home Safely

If you have noticed one ant in your premises, there are thousands more hiding underground, crawling to contaminate your food. An ant infestation may not trouble you much if you are spending time outdoors, but the same ants can be an annoyance if found on your premises.

However, there are many home remedies that you can try to get rid of ants. These solutions can’t match K, but you can always attempt them and see the results.

Here are some home remedies you can try to get rid of nasty ants:

1. Liquid Detergent and Glass Cleaner

Spraying the mixture of glass cleaner and dish soap or liquid detergent can prevent ants from reaching your premises. This combination removes the scent of the pheromone trail of ants. Ant scouts leave this scent to guide the workers from their colonies to food sources. So, if they lose track of this smell, they may not find the route to your home.

This remedy is enough to keep insects away, but this is not a permanent solution. Consider hiring professional pest control services to eliminate ant infestation quickly.

2. Hand Soap

If you don’t like the smell of glass cleaner, you can use hand soap to eliminate ants as any soapy water washes off the smell of pheromones. Spray hand soup on entry points and ant trails in your home. Pheromone trails are like a communication network for ants, so use these remedies, and ants may not find their way back to their colonies or food sources.

3. Boiling Water

Pouring boiling water on ants may sound harsh, but it can prevent ant infestation. If you have noticed ant holes nearby, pour boiling water on them. That will kill many ants inside the hole. However, ant colonies are huge underneath a small anthill. So, the boiling water won’t be enough to kill all the ants in a colony. That’s why it is advisable to hire a local pest control company in Sydney to get rid of ants at once.

4. White Vinegar

White vinegar repels and kills ants, so if you are facing an ant problem, wipe the entry points with a solution of vinegar and water. Use diluted vinegar to clean the surfaces, countertops, and floors as ants can smell dry vinegar and will try to stay away from it. Spray the solution on all windows, baseboards, doors, and common paths that ants can use to travel within your premises.

The only way this home remedy works is if the ants drown in vinegar. Yet, you won’t be able to measure how many ants are still crawling towards your kitchen. So, it’s better to hire experts for this job as they provide 100% guaranteed results. 

5. Pepper

The smell of pepper irritates ants’; so, you can use this against them. Try red or black pepper as an ant barrier to handle the ant infestations. Pepper is a safe and natural insect removal remedy. You can also sprinkle pepper around wall edges and baseboards to keep ants at bay.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint works as another natural insect repellent. Mix 10-20 drops of peppermint oil with water and spray the mixture on entry points, windows, and baseboards.

You have to be cautious while using this mixture as pepper oil can make your pets very sick if exposed. So, keep pepper oil out of reach of pets and kids, or hire a local pest control company in Sydney that uses green ant removal solutions. 

7. Cornstarch

This one is an unpopular yet effective way to smother ants. If you happen to have a large number of ants, pour cornstarch on ant groups and add water on top. Sure, this solution is messy, but it will result in killing lots of ants. If you don’t want to mess up with the water, cover ants with cornstarch and vacuum the entire place. Dispose of the sealed vacuum bag outdoors.

8. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is another natural insect repellent that contains citronella, which is used in candles to keep the flying bugs away. The same element is effective at removing ants from your place. Saturate the cotton cloth with lemon eucalyptus oil, and place it near the ant’s entry points and change them weekly.

The method may take weeks or months to eliminate ants. Plus, you have to keep this oil away from kids and pets.

9. Tea Tree Oil

Mix 5-10 drops of tea tee oil with water and spray it on anthills or you can saturate the cotton cloth with the oil and place them around the corners where you observed ant movement. Add peppermint oil and water if the scent of tea tree oil bothers you. Like other essential oils, keep it out of reach of kids and pets.

10. Sodium Tetraborate or Borax

Mix borax with sugar and warm water and stir the mixture until the sugar completely dissolves. Saturate cotton cloths in the solution and place them around anthills. You can find borax at local hardware or gardening store.

Why Hire Professional Pest Control Services for Ant Control?

You may try all the given home remedies and still notice ants coming your way. Thus, you require a solution that is hassle-free, affordable, and safe. This is where professional pest control services come into the picture.

Professionals are experienced, skilled, and trained to eliminate all kinds of pests. They understand the behaviour of the pests and plan their pest control strategies accordingly. Hiring a local pest control company in Sydney will make your premises ant-free within a few days without any complications.

So, to save the hassle and get rid of ants safely, hire professionals that offer 100% guaranteed results. Once you book an appointment, the experts will reach your place, inspect the infestation and offer you a plan that is well-suited to your pest control needs. Professionals also determine the root cause of the issue and help prevent future ant infestation at your place.


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