How to Rodent Proof Your Home?

Making your Melbourne house or company rodent safe necessitates the aid of an experienced and qualified pest controller. Rodents will not be exterminated by just spreading bait about the property. To effectively treat the source of the rodent problem, a detailed examination of your property and knowledge of the history of rodent infiltration is necessary.

Rodents are intelligent critters, and extra caution is necessary to discover the breeding region and determine the location of the mouse colony. A neighbouring property may sometimes be the source of the rat population. It is critical to finalize a specific treatment strategy, as it could interrupt the reproductive process and allow any surviving rats to be exterminated.

Rodents are carriers of dangerous illnesses, and their excrement and urine can invite other pests. They may be a hazard to your pets and loved ones, as well as cause structural damage to your home. Rodents may also wreak havoc on critical electrical wiring, causing equipment in your house or company to malfunction.

How do you keep rodents away from your home?

Rodents will go anywhere they want. Regrettably, not every property is rodent-proof. There are several measures you can take right now to keep rats out of your house or business:

  • Ensure that all food is stored in airtight containers and that nothing consumable is left out to lure rats.
  • Discard food debris as soon as possible, and don’t leave any leftovers sitting about. Following a meal, it is a good idea to clean or vacuum your floors.
  • Maintain a tidy garden and garbage bins, and make sure there is no dead plant waste laying around.
  • Install window and door seals on the casings of external doors and windows to reduce the number of possible access sites.
  • Cover any gaps and holes around your home wherein rats may enter.
  • Make sure that there is no standing water on your land.

How to keep rats from coming to your house?

Rats are skilled at analysing the situation and will not attempt something unfamiliar until it has been researched. They are cautious and will seek refuge in the property’s structural elements. They frequently appear at night when the coast is clear. 

It’s tough to keep rats out of your house since you never know where they are throughout the day. By scattering rat bait stations throughout your property regularly, you may be able to keep rats out of your home or business. A pest controller understands how to target rats and has the skills to eradicate them in a safe and timely manner.


Many pest control firms have the equipment necessary to eradicate rodents from your property. However, only a few will have the experience and understanding to respond to your problem in a focused and correct manner. Pest controllers familiar with rodents, the property’s environment, and contributing variables will analyse the issue and devise a strategy to eliminate the pest.

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