How to Take Care of Snake Bite?

As snake bites are potentially life-threatening, the first thing you need to do after a snake bite is to seek medical attention, call emergency services even if it is not painful initially. Only 15% of snakes are poisonous worldwide. So, probably you might have been bitten by a harmless snake. However, it doesn’t mean that you should take this matter lightly. Once you complete the treatment, call the best pest control company in Australia for snake removal and snake control.

Follow these steps while waiting for emergency medical treatment:

  • Identifying the type of snake can help you get better medical treatment. You may have to describe the type of snake to emergency staff.
  • Till the doctors or emergency services arrive, remove any jewelry from the injured area. Remove shoes in case of snakebite on foot.
  • Move away from the snake’s striking area.
  • If possible, position yourself so the bite is below your heart’s level to slow down the spread of poison through blood cells.
  • Stay calm and roll to one side, and rest in a recovery position if you can. Constantly moving your body can spread the venom throughout the body.
  • Don’t cut the bite wound or attempt to suck the venom out of the body.
  • If the snake is venomous, the person will have difficulty in breathing. Also, there will be a loss of consciousness. Even in such cases, do not offer alcohol, caffeinated drinks or other medications to the person.

Even nonvenomous snake bites need good wound care and a tetanus booster. Misidentification of the snake species can be a dangerous error. So, instead of identifying the snake first, seek emergency medical help. There can be pain and swelling along with a slight change in the skin color in the affected area. If such an incident happened in your surroundings, the possibility of the snake roaming around is high. So, it’s always better to do snake removal and snake control treatment. Connect with the best pest control company for inspection and prevention of snake infestation.


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