Spiders in Sydney and How to Treat Them

Humans are not the primary targets of spider venom; we merely get on the route. Their poison is designed for tiny prey. It can be deadly to small species, but larger species can withstand it. Some of the poison generated by spiders can be dangerous, if not fatal, to people. Antivenom is now available for two of the most hazardous spiders, the funnel-web and the redback. 

Types of Spiders in Sydney

  • Redback

The poisonous alpha-latrotoxin is found in the venom of the Redback spider and can be deadly if not treated with antivenom. The female redback has a longer red stripe on her back and is 1cm longer than the males. Males are dark with white markings and lack the red line, measuring 3-4mm in length.

  • Funnel Web

They are considered to be the deadliest spider in Australia, if not the world. The Funnel Web has enormous teeth that inject a considerable amount of very lethal venoms. They like to hide in humid, secluded areas and can be hostile if approached. They measure 1.5-3.5cm in length and have huge fangs. The venom generated can interact with the human nerve system, and poison from males can be fatal. Not all bites result in a deadly reaction, and antivenom has decreased the number of deaths from these attacks to zero.

If you believe you have been attacked by one of these spiders, here is some advice to help you distinguish the bite and what steps to take:

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Indicators and Symptoms of a Spider Bite

Typical Symptoms

  • Profuse sweating,
  • Sharp pain at the bite site,
  • Nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Other Symptoms to notice after a Funnel Web Spider Attack:

  • Markedly increased blood pressure,
  • Confusion leading to unconsciousness,
  • Disorientation,
  • Muscular twitching and breathing difficulty
  • Small hairs stand on end,
  • Copious secretion of saliva,
  • Copious tears,
  • Fast pulse,
  • Numbness around the mouth

Other Symptoms to notice after a Redback Spider Attack:

  • Patchy sweating,
  • Muscle weakness or spasms,
  • Intense local pain which increases and spreads,
  • Tiny hairs stand on end,
  • Headache.

First-Aid Treatment for a Funnel-Web Spider Attack:

  • DRSABCD should be followed.
  • Place the patient on their back,
  • Soothe and comfort the patient. 
  • Soothe and comfort the patient.  Apply a second elasticised roller bandage (10–15 cm wide), beginning just above the fingers or toes and going up on the wounded limb as far as possible. Fasten the bandage to the limb as closely and firmly as possible. Then immobilise it using splints.
  • Maintain the patient’s position as laying down and immobile (still), and remain with the patient until medical assistance comes.


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