What attracts scorpions in the house?

Did you know that scorpions existed long before dinosaurs? Did you also know that there are approximately 2000 distinct species of scorpions on the planet, and most of them are venomous? The bark scorpion is one of the most dangerous species in the world. Despite this, only around 25-40 species are poisonous enough to cause significant harm to people. It’s understandable to be afraid of scorpions. Their most distinguishing characteristics are pincer-like pedipalps and a stinging tail. Some species have been observed swinging their tails towards their prey at speeds of up to 50 inches per second. Most of these potentially lethal scorpions are incapable of killing healthy individuals, but the lives of youngsters and the elderly are in grave danger.

According to our pest control experts in Brisbanefour things attract scorpions here. 

  • Scorpions are drawn to moisture.

It is a truth that all insects and animals require water to survive, and scorpions are no exception. They frequently sneak inside homes during the scorching summer days in quest of water. As a result, these pests readily make their way into houses via drain pipes or plumbing systems and end up in the kitchen or bathrooms.

  • Scorpions can be found hiding behind rotting logs and leaves.

Scorpions are more likely to be found outside than inside, especially if your backyard has piles of rotting wood and leaves. Scorpions enjoy hiding behind wet logs, hay, bark, foliage, and mulch. Remove any decaying trash from your garden to avoid scorpion invasion.

  • Scorpions eat other pests as food.

Scorpions eat insects like spiders, centipedes, as well as other scorpions. However, if a scorpion discovers a great source of victims, it will stay and maybe reproduce. Scorpions use their poison to immobilize their victims before killing them.

Some scorpions carry dangerous venom, so the last thing you want is to lure them into your house and endanger your family’s lives. Contact our pest control experts in Brisbane right away if you want to take precautionary measures or if you’ve already discovered scorpions in your house. We make it a priority to keep scorpions out of your home/property. We also offer customised pest control services.

  • Scorpions enjoy the darkness.

Scorpions, like many other creepy critters, prefer to hide in the darkness and are nocturnal invaders. They are active at night to save water, maintain body temperature, and hunt prey. Although basements are centres for scorpion activity, scorpions will wander throughout the house looking for dark locations. Because scorpions glow in the dark, you can look out for them at night with a black light. When a scorpion is exposed to a black light, the proteins on its exoskeleton glow brightly blue.

Scorpions have driven terror into the hearts of countless people all over the globe. Scorpions help the ecosystem by maintaining the pest population down. However, scorpions have a poisonous sting that can be fatal to you and your family’s life. Learning about scorpion behavioural patterns and what draws them to your property will help you protect your family, pets, and house against scorpions. Our pest control experts in Brisbane believe that learning how to prevent scorpions out of your yard will provide you with peace of mind and a safe living condition.

Ways to Prevent Scorpians from entering your property!

If you’ve spotted a scorpion around your property, chances are you have one in your home as well. The best way to get rid of these critters is to get rid of the bugs they eat. If you eliminate other pests in your area, it could be appealing to scorpions, and they won’t have an incentive to stay around your premises and will go on to find more dependable food sources.

Scorpions will infiltrate your personal space in quest of water. Fix any leaking faucets or drainage systems and other moisture troubles in your house to keep them away. If your property has holes, gaps, or cracks, patch them up as scorpions can get in through them.

How to get rid of scorpions?

Scorpions are reported to be repelled by essential fragrances such as lavender, cedar, cinnamon, and peppermint. By diluting these essential oils in a carrier oil, you may create sprays that can be used in scorpion-infested locations. Use this combination to clean around floors, entrances, window frames, and other property components.

The use of tiny, damp burlap sacks is a tried and true approach for organically eradicating scorpions. Open the bags and place them in scorpion-infested regions within your property. After leaving the burlap bags overnight, carefully inspect beneath and within the bags for scorpions, discard the scorpion, and re-use the burlap bag. Repeat this procedure until you observe no signs of a scorpion infestation.

Scorpion Prevention

The easiest way to keep pests like scorpions away from your premises is to discourage them from entering. Preventive actions are critical for establishing a safe environment for your family and pets to cherish. Here are a few things you can do to make your property less appealing to scorpions and other pests.

Trim any trees and shrubs on the side of your house since scorpions can use the heavy foliage as a tunnel to access windows. Scorpions hide throughout the day behind the extra shade created by such overgrowth.

Keep just essential items on your lawn and keep ornamental objects like pebbles to a minimum. Remove brush, woodpiles, lawn tools, and unwanted trash as soon as possible.


We understand that scorpions may be a critical problem when they invade your property. They endanger the health of your children, elderly family members, and pets. Taking instant and appropriate action to eradicate scorpions and prevent them out of your home can help to protect your loved ones. Our pest control experts in Brisbane will help you through the process by employing customized pest control services to your unique needs.
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