What Is Termites Protection & How Long A Treatment Lasts For?

Termites are known as silent killers because they thrive in colonies and feed on decaying or rotting wood and plant matter. These are often used as building materials in our households and workplaces. Sadly, you may not realise the severity of the problem they are causing until it is too late, which is why it is critical to be cautious and conduct frequent Termite Inspection in Melbourne houses.

Termite outbreak indicators

It is common to mix termites with ants since they both thrive in hives and are brownish insects with six legs and a segmented body. Termites have antennas closely related to ants. However, theirs emerge straight from the head portion, whereas an ant’s feelers curve at a right angle, and they do not damage your residence.

  • Termite faeces and powdery dust will emerge around the danger zone, indicating the need for Termite Treatment in Melbourne.
  • The glimpse of termites buzzing in the air is often the first indicator of an invasion.
  • As the wood warps, the woodwork in the house will become hollow or papery to the touch, and wooden doors and window frames will become tougher to close.

What treatments are available, and how long will they last?

There are several procedures for removing termite infestations. Pest Control Melbourne are typically specialists who will organize for one of their expert technicians to contact you and illustrate what pest infestation you are dealing with, as well as an inspection, to identify the best way of treatment. While selecting a course of treatment, we must make sure procedures are both efficient and safe for children and pets.

  • Bait trap

Bait traps are implemented in and around the regions where termites are populating. They include a solution that works as bait for the insects, and once inside, they become coated with a toxin that poisons the other occupants when they rejoin the hive. If the insects have gotten into difficult-to-reach sections of the premises, the specialists may employ a foam substance to destroy them.

  • Fumigation

Termite fumigation procedure typically lasts five years, based on the substance used; soil treatment surrounding the property can last 5 – 8 years, while traps last about a year.

What exactly is Termite Treatment in Melbourne?

Termite Treatment in Melbourne often includes both frequent inspections, treatment if essential, and follow-up, as well as preventative guidance to keep termites at bay. Termites prefer damp environments, so one step you can take to prevent a swarm from forming is to ensure there are no leaky pipes or drips from air conditioning systems that produce patches of moisture-rich habitat. 

You should avoid keeping wood beneath the foundation and avoid direct wood-to-ground exposure as much as feasible. You should provide a 6-inch space between the floor and any hardwood decks or patios. If you can’t prevent having wood come into contact with the ground, consider using treated lumber or termite-resistant wood. Another thing to think about is, replacing the soil around the house with a layer of sand since termites cannot crawl through sandy surfaces.

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The best approach to keep insects at bay is to conduct Pest Control Melbourne of both the external and internal boundaries of the property. So, pick up the phone and call Positive Pest Solutions immediately to schedule a Termite Inspection in Melbourne.


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