What Types of Ants are in Your Home? An Experts Guide

Did you know that there are over 12,000 ant species on the planet? They are enough to make anyone squirm! There are over 1,200 ant species in Australia.

Ants might be a bothersome houseguest, but they also cause critical issues for Australia’s farming system. Do you have an ant infestation in your home? Do you want to know what kind of ants you have and how to get rid of them?

Read more to learn about various types of ants and how to handle them.

An Ant Challenge 

While most people despite having ants in their homes, there are other motives to get rid of them.

Ants create damage to property and pose a health concern due to probable food contamination. Despite the negligible danger of food poisoning, no one wants these pests in their house.

Major Categories of Ants

Ants have a detrimental influence on most Australians’ outdoor life. Tramp ants are among the most prevalent varieties of ants.

Tramp ants include imported red fire ant, the Argentine ant, and electric ant. These ants are hostile, striking, and biting.  Some individuals are even in danger of anaphylactic shock as a result of ant bites.

If left untreated, tramp ants may wreak large sums of money in agricultural damage. Did you know that carpenter ants use material from your house to build their nests? It will not cost you billions of dollars, but it might cost you thousands!

The coastal brown ant and the Argentine ant are both major pests in cities. Other typical domestic ant pests include:

  • Pharaoh’s ant
  • Black ant
  • Fire ant
  • Odorous ant
  • Ghost ant

Ants are social critters that live in hives that can number in the tens of thousands. If you notice a few ants in your home, there are probably hundreds more hiding around.

Ant colonies may rapidly turn into an ant invasion, so if you find ants in your home, do not hesitate to call a professional. It is critical to identify the ants since they are not always ants but termites.

Ant Eradication within the Residence

There are several things you may do to keep ants away from your house. If you follow these steps and still have ants, it is time to Call a Pest Control Professional.

  • Try not to use Ant Spray.

Property owners will occasionally sprinkle a protective layer around the border of their home. It is not a good idea. These chemicals have a short duration of action and are harmful to your health.

One can find Endocrine disruptors in these sprays. These are substances that alter hormones in your body, producing neurological problems such as ADHD.

  • Implement Bait Traps

Ant bait traps are a suitable substitute for ant spray. Place the baits in areas where you observe ants. Since these lure traps contain poison, keep children and pets away from them.

If you are not having success, try a couple of different sorts of baits. Various baits lure different kinds of populations.

When ants consume the bait, they return it to the nest. It kills all ants within the population and ants that feed on the lure trap.

If you find a few rogue ants, merely stomp on them to eliminate them. These wandering ants are frequently scouting ants. By removing the scout ants, you prevent the colony from learning about the treasures within your house.

  • Stay Tidy

Do you despise tidying the kitchen? When you notice a few ants crawling on counters, you might think twice!

Ants eat whatever they can get their hands on, mainly sugar and protein. They are also on the lookout for water. Maintain a clean kitchen by washing your dishes and keeping your surfaces free of food particles and other food residues.

Scout ants are interested in sweet fluids such as maple syrup and honey. If a scout ant discovers anything, he returns it to the nest. Before you know it, swarms of ants are crawling up your countertops.

After each snack and supper, wipe off the countertops. Store all food in firmly airtight containers.

  • Look out for Decaying Wood and Moist Zones

Ants, like all living things, require water. Carpenter ants and house ants both prefer wet environments. Ants are drawn to leaking faucets and pools of water.

Check for wet spots in your cellar, basement, and attic. Showers with stagnant water or decaying window frames are two more places where ants thrive. Detect and eliminate the trouble spots in your house.

Carpenter ants crawl through wet, decaying wood. After you have resolved the water problem, replace any decaying wood. Otherwise, the site will draw carpenter ants, which will cause additional harm.

Home Pest Control Service at Reasonable Price

If you have tried everything but still cannot take care of the ant’s infection, it is time to Call a Pest Control Professional. They will identify the pests and advise you on the best method to get rid of them.

You may do a few things to prepare for expert pest control. During the procedure, kids, the aged, pregnant or nursing mothers, and anybody with severe asthma or sensitivities should leave the premises.

If you have pets, seek the help of a friend or neighbour to care for them for a few days. Wet insecticides can get cats and dogs ill if they are ingested.

Eradicating Various Species of Ants Within Home

Ants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ants are primarily an inconvenience, but they can cause harm to your house and pose a health risk in rare cases.

If you have difficulty with these pests in your house, do not wait for it to get worse. Use the methods outlined above to deal with the ants. If you cannot solve a problem on your own, do not be afraid to hire Home Pest Control Service at a Reasonable Price.

Do you require assistance with your pest control issues? Contact us to Call a Pest Control Professional.


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