Why Choose Natural Bug Repellents?

Insects are a frequent guest in our life. Our initial response is to apply insect repellent, yet many of the most renowned bug sprays contain toxic substances. So, how can you get clear off your insect challenge? Do you need to Choose Natural Bug Repellents?

Our company wants to assist you in resolving all of your insect issues. You will be better equipped to help your house and the world if you are informed and aware of the finest strategies for defending your home. We offer excellent Pest Control Melbourne services.

Why Should You Choose Natural Bug Repellents?

Pesticides and insecticides are used in bug sprays to attack insects. While they act to eradicate the pests that are bothering you, they also travel into the ecosystem. It destroys other insects that are beneficial to the outdoor environment. They are then subjected to the toxins and may become ill as a result.

These chemicals are also hazardous to children and pets that come into contact with them! It is critical to keep your family and pets safe from chemical insect spray if you use it. These sprays have been shown to contain some carcinogenic properties. You don’t want to drag toxins into your property and then have no idea where they are for ages.

Natural insect repellent is intended to do that — repel. Without using toxins to kill insects and bugs, preventing pests from entering the property or resting in the yard is successful.

DIY Bug Repellent That Works

If you prefer to use natural insect repellent, purchasing expensive natural bug treatments is not your only alternative. When introduced into the ecology, homemade repellents perform effectively. Furthermore, they do not harm the existing biodiversity and wildlife. Here are a handful of the most troublesome pests, as well as natural repellent recipes.


The aroma and taste of vinegar are repulsive to the vast majority of pests. If you need a universal bug repellent choice, putting vinegar around the doors and windows is an excellent method to deter all types of insects without really harming them.


Ants’ sense of smell is blocked by the odour of coffee grounds. You might try to keep them away by scattering coffee grounds across your yard.


Clove oil is an effective cockroach repellent. A few droplets in a spray bottle may prevent them from gathering. A whole clove and Epsom salt sprinkled beneath the sink or in cupboards might also be a solution.


Spiders detest peppermint and lemon, so keeping these essential oils on hand is a wise idea if you encounter spiders. Fill a spray bottle halfway with peppermint and lemon oil droplets, then spray any entry points and crevices. Because spiders’ taste receptors are placed on their feet, the oils will keep some of those spider companions away from your house.

Do You Require Professional Pest Control Melbourne?
Allow our Pest Control Service Providers to find a cure for you if your insect infestation gets too much for you to control. We’ll make sure that those insects don’t annoy you any longer. Give us a call right away!


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